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Aces Guild Seeks Clients, Members

[From the advertisement section of today's Telegraph...]

The Aces Guild is an up-and-coming Adventurer Guild situated in Muon’s scholarly sector. Founded by a fox Pasu who strongly believes in adventure for the sake of adventure and equity, Aces is dedicated to discovery and serving the global community; profits are merely ancillary. Thus, we will take most jobs, no matter how insignificant it seems, and give a fair quote for its cost. Please look to the Aces Guild for your next important task.

If you are the adventurous, thrill-seeking type, however, we strongly suggest that you apply for membership. Again following with the guild’s philosophy of adventure and equity, the guild has a fair payment system that ensures that adventures get compensated, even in times of low job requests.  Prospectives must have a short resume and preform a practical exam before an official examiner.

For more information, contact Jason Collins at 34-53 Higgs Blvd, Muon, Loka. The guild is listed as SR 1 in the official Muon Directory.

The Aces Guild ~ Brave the Unknown ~

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