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Gathering Day Celebration Lights up the Night

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Following a wedding celebration at the Grand Castrum in Helio, the annual harvest season benediction was given in front of a crowd of festive folk. The Sheriff of Gilead, Rocky […]


Marriage Announcement

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We are pleased to announce the joining in holy matrimony of Artie and Alex of Helio. A brief break was taken from the Gathering Day celebrations in order to perform […]


Precious Daughter Missing

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Dangerous Daughter Missing: 10,000 Vira Reward Offered!


Treacherous Villain Sighted in Esquemelin

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After almost a decade underground, the insidious deviant Yoz Dathregar has been spotted at the market in Esquemelin by seafaring traders. It is advised that this man is armed and […]


Actors in ‘to Fields’ kidnapped, rescued. Archeological Find Verifies Play Premise.

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During ‘From the Depths to the Fields’, a controversial play in Gilead, lead actors Juliana DeRey and Theodore Nisse were kidnapped at arrowpoint as a hostile tribe took them to the Sastra Forest. The actors were rescued by a team of people who were in the audience, and in the process provided evidence for the play’s premise.


Controverisal Play Opening in Gilead Theater

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A new controversial play will be showing soon in Gilead, entitled “From the Depths to the Fields.” Taking on topics like interspecies relationships while portraying the emergence of human civilization […]


Aces Guild Seeks Clients, Members

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Advertisement for the Aces Guild.