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Gathering Day Celebration Lights up the Night

Following a wedding celebration at the Grand Castrum in Helio, the annual harvest season benediction was given in front of a crowd of festive folk. The Sheriff of Gilead, Rocky Yersi, was appointed to give the benediction. The Disciples of Skanda had traveled up from Cetayanti to assist in the ceremony, handing out the traditional wooden cups filled with water. As the old sun dial of the Ao Quin and the clockwork dial of Naraka both indicated the start of the first evening watch, Rocky stood and looked over the crowd, “May the spirits that roam the fields bring blessing to our crops,” he said, “and may we have so much juice and wine that this be the last cup of water we need drink until the seasons pass once more!”

With this blessing, he took the cup and drank its contents. The crowd soon followed his example. Afterward, great cheering began, and fireworks were launched to ring in the harvest season. The Disciples of Skanda demonstrated a dance of magic, creating a great fire serpent which danced over the grand stand and the crowd.

The Telegraph wishes everyone a prosperous harvest season.

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