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Academy replicates Svargian Technology for automated physical labor

Yesterday marked the Twenty-Fifth anniversary of the collapse of the Rhythm and Blues Mine in Noria, a terrible incident that took the lives of five men. Among those men stolen by the mines was one Benjamin Solaris, whose son, Professor Thomas Solaris, PhD, unveiled a brilliant advancement in the world of Technology on that same day this year. He and his associate, Dr. Nicholas Latrans, have managed to create a working replica of a piece Svargian technology that had baffled the Academy for years- a small bipedal device not unlike a medicine ball with shoes. Now, while this journalist found the design itself baffling, the Professor was quoted as saying “If we continue unlocking the mysteries of [Svargian Technology], we could see cities built in a day.”

Of course, the real question at hand is what this lilliputian golem was for, and what applications it will find in our world. During the press conference, Solaris and Latrans disagreed over this very question when Prof. Solaris stated that he ultimately planned to have many of the more hazardous jobs (with mining being the most obvious) replaced by these simplistic golems or more complex iterations should the technology be found. Dr Latrans objected, saying that “if you change the working parts, you get a different machine”. While this is up for interpretation, many understood this to mean that if the workforce is replaced with golems, then the economy will shift drastically.

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    An excellent post, thank you for your excellent journalism and reporting.

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