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Acre: Drought ends in Deluge

Acre, home to Loka’s largest concentration of farmland, has been plagued by what appears to have been an unnatural drought for the past few weeks. Residents, passers-by, and farmers alike all reported bizarre weather patterns that completely excluded Acre and its surrounding farmlands from any and all rain, leaving only the weak flow of groundwater to sate the thirst of the plants.

While many agreed to answer this reporter’s questions, all chose to remain anonymous in this publication, and all cited rumors of a ‘dark cela’ being responsible for the goings on. These rumors had caught the attention of several different adventurers and travelers. In a sudden turn of events, several fights broke out, one resulting in gunfire, and at least one of them causing the curse to lift, but a female lizard- who had been traveling and likely investigating the events, warned the tavern of what was to come. The rain turned to a downpour, and the downpour to a deluge, flooding the town.

No fatalaties have been reported, but Acre is still working to repair the damage, and while a famine is not likely around the corner, crop production has taken a major setback because of the flood. The one responsible for this has not been found, it would seem that he or she was killed in the scuffle, breaking the curse. However, according to one magical expert, this magical feat “could not have been done alone.”

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