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Coliseum Champion “Camshaft” Murdered

Yesterday evening, a report was sent in that  Camshaft, The current Champion at the Acre Coliseum, had been murdered.  Reports from an interview with Camshaft’s guards say that blood coated the ceiling and walls of his room, due to a cleanly cut gash through the jugular. The way Camshaft’s body laid suggested he was in bed when someone gagged and killed him.

“We didn’t hear any sound of struggle.” reports one of the guards.“The only thing that warned us of his death was the sudden scent of blood. Alarmed, we followed the trail quickly and it led us to Camshaft’s bedroom. We found him slain beside his bed with bedsheets stuffed in his mouth. From what I glanced at, there was blood everywhere. It dripped from the ceiling and specked the walls and furniture. Immediately we searched for the culprit.” The guards’ name were not disclosed.

The scent of blood in the air was said to had to been followed down a nearby hallway which led to a locked laundry room. After breaking the lock and forcing their way in, they found the room to be a slippery mess of soap and water. It was told that a garden hose was hanging inside the window, pumping water into the laundry room and flooding the floor. By the time the guards made it to the window, there was no sign of the perpetrator, only a single vixen fallen on the ground.

It was reported that the woman was  named Vivian and was rescued by the same two guards. They found her fallen on the ground in shock and with a black eye. Vivian, a servant and prime witness to this ordeal, was interviewed while being accompanied by one named Ivan.

“I was so scared.” she stated, still in obvious shock from the day’s event. “I don’t know where he came from. I was going down the hallway, bringing in fresh bed linen when this man came out of Camshaft’s room.  He was covered with blood and I didn’t know what to do. He had a dagger and threatened to kill me if  I screamed. He forced me to follow him and led me to the laundry room.” When asked about what kind of man she saw, she shivered and replied that she recognized him to be a tall fox. “He was frantic, he barricaded the laundry room and made a mess of the place. The he carried me out of the window  and threw a hose inside the house that was running full blast. I don’t know why he did it and when I asked why he was doing this, he didn’t respond. He ordered me to be silent as he led the way to the gates.  There were two guards up ahead, but before I could call out, the man had already pulled out a bow and killed both of them so quickly. I was in complete shock. He ordered me to move, but I don’t think I could have even if he threatened my life. Then he hit me…  that’s all I can remember… I’m sorry…”

The surrounding perimeter was searched by guards, but there was no sign of a ‘tall, blood covered fox.’ The scent of blood faded in the air and was lost to all tracking.

Camshaft’s victory in today’s game was also his last. He had used a large war hammer to end his opponent Winter’s Bane, quickly after a hard blow to the stomach which stunned his adversary. The ticket to see the games that day was 15 coins. No other reports has been currently been made.

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