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Woman Found Murdered, “Mad Scientist” Suspected.

Last night, emergency services in Serendipity were dispatched to the residential block when a neighbor claimed to have heard screams. Upon entering the building, officers found the body of Emily Smith, aged 35, next to a battery-powered golem armed with a large, crude blade. The batteries were linked to the Solaris lab on Hawking and Higgs, and Professor Thomas Solaris is wanted for questioning in regards to this heinous act. His former co-worker, also in Serendipity, had this to say,
“What kind of man builds a machine to kill a girl? There’s no question who is to blame in this. He built the gun, he must have pulled the trigger.”

Further investigation revealed that Ms. Smith and Prof. Solaris were in a relationship prior to the events, and detectives are looking into possible motivations for this most heinous crime. The Telegraph and its correspondents in Serendipity extend our condolences to Ms. Smith’s friends and family, and have been asked to request anyone with information regarding Professor Solaris’ recent disappearance and Ms Smith’s murder to come forward to the Serendipity guard as soon as possible

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