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Patrol Found Slain on Helio-Gilead Highway!

In a crime of frightening sensationalism, disaster has struck our boys in armor on the road! Having stopped travelers for a routine inspection, Unit 351 was found butchered alongside the road. “It was ‘orrible!” lamented one Private Cossum. “He shot ol’ Stitch, and there must have been a wizard coz I saw Sarge’s face melt off, and I ran fast as me legs could carry back to Gilead!”
When this reporter arrived on the scene, the carnage was complete. I will spare my audience the sensational details, but it would appear to avoid detection, the scum offroaded their wagon. They are believed to have a connection with Esquemelin pirates, and any information regarding the incident will be handsomely rewarded by the Empire. Do your best to stop the Esquemelin threat!

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