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Precious Daughter Missing

The daughter of a wealthy merchant has gone missing.  The young Human woman is reportedly very ill, and will likely not survive without her medicines.  Her name is Kensington Rose,  and she believes she is Pasu.  She has reportedly become very delusional, to the point of being dangerous if confronted with the truth.  She is about 5 feet tall, with black hair, and blind with cataracts. She carries a staff with a sculpted Desert Bird at its head. She is said to have heightened senses and answers to the name Asherak.  Anyone who see’s her is encouraged to contact the local authorities, or one of her fathers seekers immediately.

Express caution when dealing with her, as she has supposedly.

A 10,000 Vira reward has been posted for her safe return.

((OOC Note: Just Whisper/Page Asherak if you wish to contact anyone about this.))

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    (EDIT: Typo. She is about 5 feet tall.)

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