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Treacherous Villain Sighted in Esquemelin

After almost a decade underground, the insidious deviant Yoz Dathregar has been spotted at the market in Esquemelin by seafaring traders. It is advised that this man is armed and extremely dangerous, and that he should only be approached by the Royal Guard on official business in the name of the King himself. It is not known if he was there purchasing some no-doubt terrible Svargan artifact or magical totem for use in his fearsome plans, or if he has made Esquemelin–a most wretched hive of scum and villainy quite suited to his reputation–his secret lair.

For those unfamiliar with his notorious exploits–and most of us are, this reporter assumes, as they were quite terrible–Yoz Dathregar was once an esteemed member of the King’s personal protection itself. Seven years ago, Yoz Dathregar had been one of the elite Royal Guard, a soldier of the King’s Army who rose through the ranks after training to honored tiers in both the Viramarga, and the Cela disciplines of Cetayanti, since childhood.

Unfortunately, his latent dislike for humans turned into outright hatred as he grew older, and after being forced to take part in a police action against Pasu protests in Helio that resulted in scores of injured and killed, he went crazy and tried to set the Gaokerena on fire to burn it down, according to eyewitnesses presumably in an attempt to release the demon god Dozakh Zulm. After killing dozens of soldiers in a fierce battle, Captain Dathregar was detained and excommunicated from the order, then imprisoned for his transgressions.

But before he could be executed, he fought his way out of Lepton Prison and went missing. He is a base and dangerous individual whose vile motives are a mystery and whose methods are unreasonably vulgar and hideous.

If you see this man, please summon your nearest figure of authority.

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