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Actors in ‘to Fields’ kidnapped, rescued. Archeological Find Verifies Play Premise.

During ‘From the Depths to the Fields’, a controversial play in Gilead, lead actors Juliana DeRey and Theodore Nisse were kidnapped at arrowpoint as a hostile tribe took them to the Sastra Forest. The actors were rescued by a team of people who were in the audience, and in the process provided evidence for the play’s premise. “There I was, watching this play,” Tora, a cat involved in the rescue effort recalled, “when suddenly this buncha tribal yahoos rush onto the stage!” “Certainly, I expected protest of the idea of interspecies romance,” Juliana remarked, recalling what had happened, “I never thought the tribes would care enough to threaten my life!” The tribesmen had hijacked a car in order to drive into the forest. A member of the Royal Guard helped the team commandeer the vehicle, and they went in pursuit.

“They’d gone a ways out into the forest. Their car was left in a clearing, where a few of ‘em started shooting arrows at us.” Tora said. “Left a lotta holes in some guy’s nice new auto! I told’im that the Sheriff would sort that out for him, though.” Theodore has a nasty gash on his head, and a wound on his leg from the event. “Half the time our captors would speak, they’d punctuate their point by beating me in some manner.” The man stared up at the ceiling as he recounted the events, “I felt helpless. There was nothing I could do.” Juliana and Theodore found themselves given shovels and forced to work by the tribal king lion. “He wanted us to dig our own graves,” the actress recalled, “I found what looked like the skeletons of a tribal princess and a human, together. We could tell because the Pasu wore the same kind of bracelet that the king had. I also had a version of it for the play.”

“He went on about how the play was lies and defamation to the purrity of the lion-gene bloodline of the Kakshi.” Tora recalled the King and his reaction to what happened next, “Meanwhile, Julianna had dug up evidence that proved it was actually all true. He lost his cool, ordered his betas to attack. I pounced his big fat haid.” Tora had wrestled with the lion in a way a cat with only a stature as big as his own could do. As he did so, one of the guards with the king switched sides. “After the warrior realized that, despite what the king said, interspecies romance was possible,” Juliana explained. “He decided to help me.”

The group soon got free of the Tribe’s grip. “We piled back into the two cars, right quick. Headed straight back for town,” Tora recalled, “I guess that’s not gonna be a purroud episode in the annals of the Kakshi clan!” When asked about the status of the show after this event, Juliana gave this remark: “Let me just say that we won’t allow threats and violence to keep us from entertaining the people. I’m sure after we’ve recovered from these events, the show will go on once more.”

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