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Controverisal Play Opening in Gilead Theater

A new controversial play will be showing soon in Gilead, entitled “From the Depths to the Fields.” Taking on topics like interspecies relationships while portraying the emergence of human civilization to the surface, it has caused a great deal of chatter among the city. “It’s the story of the first meeting between humans and Pasu,” said Lead Actress Juliana DeRey, “and how the love of a tribal princess and a human knight eventually brings the species together as friends.” Theater manager Christopher Terrace noted that the Gilead Players were no stranger to controversy. “It’s been our business to push the limits of what society sees as acceptable. It gets people talking and opens the floor for discussion where things were taboo previously.”

Not everyone is happy to see the subject matter of the play, however. “It’s disgusting. It violates the dignity of both Pasu and Humans to have them mix like this,” Richard Ghillis, a local business owner, commented, “I won’t take my family to see it. Ms. DeRey admitted that it was an odd relationship, “it’s certainly a challenge for me, and for the audience as well, I’d say. But really, it’s part of acting to portray situations one wouldn’t normally enter into,” she said, looking up at the poster advertising the play, a large picture of her and human actor Theodore Nisse, sharing a kiss. “I hope people care more about the emotions behind it than they care about the species involved.” Theodore, who plays the unnamed knight in the story who falls in love with Princess Shambre, commented on the kiss. “Well, I don’t really see myself dating a pasu. Juliana’s a lovely girl, though, and I certainly don’t mind kissing her every night on stage, even if it’s just pretend.”

“While I admit I hadn’t imagined getting into such a relationship in real life, and I doubt I ever will, I don’t believe it’s my place to judge others,” Juliana said. To those who are planning to see the remarked, she remarked, “Please enjoy the show, and learn to love others no matter what they look like.”

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