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Circle Stopped; Serendipity-Acre Railroad to Enter Full Operation

Despite numerous setbacks and delays, the Serendipity-Acre leg of the Trans-Lokan Railroad is finally set to begin regularly transporting passengers and cargo between the two cities. Though details are scarce, this appears to be a direct result of the most recent Grand Reopening of the line, held at the Serendipity rail yard earlier this month. Current reports indicate that, while en route to Acre, the train was attacked by members of the White Circle and forced to make an emergency stop.

However, while previous attempts to utilize the railway have been inhibited by the Circle, this particular locomotive was able to complete its journey with relatively superficial damage. This success has been attributed to the number and quality of the passengers onboard; notably a band of mercenaries led by the distinguished officer Augustus D. Haversham. These mercenaries, in addition to a number of armed passengers (a coyote, weasel, tiger, and bat mentioned specifically) were able to repel the Circle’s assault, sustaining few injuries in the process. Further attacks have waned in number since the incident, suggesting that the loss was a substantial blow to the anti-technological organization.

Serendipity police declined to comment on any coincidence regarding the convenient placement of the mercenaries on the train, and deny any involvement in the affair, but stated that they were “very pleased with the outcome on the whole, and … extend [their] thanks to the passengers who assisted in the locomotive‚Äôs defense.”

Upon arriving in Acre, many passengers complained of a “lingering smell” and “terrible headaches,” while the few magic users on the train reported that they were unable to use their abilities for a short time after the attack. Investigating physicians have attributed all of these symptoms to stress.

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