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Firefight in Muon, Robbery Thwarted

Earlier this week in Muon, a routine airship delivery went awry as a gang of despicable brigands staged an assault on and armored stagecoach headed for Acre. Muon police were quick to respond to the robbery, and after a prolonged firefight were able to bring the would-be thieves to justice. Police have been fairly reticent about releasing further details of the attack, though they have reported that the target of the theft – a large sum of gold and jewelry – has been recovered in its entirety, and despite the intensity of the fight, no officers were wounded. The violence left one man dead, and at least 9 injured, though police have declined to divulge their identities. Collateral damages were limited to a small section of the road and adjacent buildings, which sustained only superficial damage from the rounds fired.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the case is the sheer number of rumors surrounding it. A number of witnesses attest to a single vigilante subduing most of the pirates before the police arrived, while others claim that a small group of brave citizens was responsible. Many of these same individuals state that the objective of the heist was not gold at all, but a powerful Svargan relic. One man, a known bootlegger and transient, went so far as to claim that “Leviathan himself” orchestrated the burglary.

Police Chief Adams has adamantly denied such stories, asserting that “…these outlandish accusations are little more than fairy tales. They serve no purpose other than inciting public panic, and attempting to disgrace the fine Police Force of Muon.”

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