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Music Review- Aravyn Snow

I was recently invited to a private performance of Aravyn Snow, at the Red Rose Salon, in Helio. The performance was a bit of a teaser for the public performance he’s expected to give in Gilead at the end of the month, and included vocal work, as well as some delicate pieces played on flute.

It was a rare treat to hear the unearthly tones of a castrato as he sang several popular songs; as well as a few of his own creations; we were the first audience to hear ‘Sora’s Lament’; based upon the popular romantic tale of love lost; it was indicated that several of the songs at next month’s public performance will be based upon popular tales and folk stories, dealing with the topic of romance.

After the performance we were treated to wine, and offered the chance to speak with Aravyn himself– and the musician proved himself to be as pleasant a fellow speaking, as he was when singing, amicably answering questions put to him with grace and charm.

Overall, the performance was as expected; the music delightful. It was a pleasant way to spend an evening, and one can only hope that the singer can be convinced to share his gifts with the world more often.

-Detrah Morass, Helio

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