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Murder in Acre, Authorities Uninterested

This week, a small child stumbled out of the crowd heading to the Coliseum with a sucking chest wound. He was taken to a local Chirurgeon (Zebulon ben Appelbaum) but his wound was pronounced untreatable. The child was a canine pasu without means or residence.

When asked, the Corps of Guards of the Peace of Acre said they had neither the man-power nor the time to investigate the murder. An unnamed guard commented that the city was better off with one less urchin and opined that the only crime was that he died in public on the street instead of a back alley where he wouldn’t cause a fuss.

Sources claim that the wound was indicative of being stabbed by a model of bayonet newly adopted by many military and para-military outfits as well as the Guards of the Peace of Acre.

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